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Go downThông điệp [Trang 1 trong tổng số 1 trang]

on 18/3/2011, 15:17

AT: bad, busy [N/V+ing], clever, efficient, expert, good, present, quick, slow, sad, skillful, surprised.

ABOUT: anxious, confused, curious, doubtful, enthusiastic, excited, reluctant, right, sad, serious, uneasy, worried.

FOR: appropriate, available, difficul, bad, eager, enough, famous, fit, grateful/ thankful to s1 for st, late, liable, necessary, perfect, qualified, ready, responsible, sorry, sufficient, suitable, useful, valid, prepared.

FROM: away, absent, different [than], far, safe.

OF: afraid, ahead, ashamed, aware, capable, careful, certain, conscious, confident, doubtful, envious, fond, full, guilty, ignorant, independent, jealous, kind, scared, short, shy, sure, tierd, worthy.

ON: dependent, intent, keen.

IN: deficient, expert, fortunate, honest, interested, qualified, rich, right, skillful, successful, weak.

TO: acceptable, accustommed, agreeable, close, contracy, cruel, dear, equal, familiar, fatal, faithful, harmful, helpful, important, indifferent,inferior, kind, likely, lucky, necessary, new, obidient, obvious, open, pleasant, polite, previous, rude, sensitive, similar, useful, ready, responsible + to s1 for st, reluctant.

WITH: acquainted, angry with s1 at st, annoyed, busy, bored, careful, consistent, content, crowded, familiar, fed up, friendly, furious, identical, patient, popular, satisfied.
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